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2018-09-17 05:07:30

<p>Long Fengtan is weighed again for 2 wings beans, main source of Long Fengtan is to be in South America, because woodiness structure of Long Fengtan is solidder, and the surface has clear distinctive grain, echo of from beginning to end, gout is boundless, watching you carefully to be able to discover those who go out to floor surface appears from vicinity is bibcock phoenix end, colour and lustre is composed, got so of a lot of people of Chinese like. Long Fengtan because the lumber density of itself is higher, [url=]Cladding External India Wooden[/url] the floor quality of a material that makes so is solid, but the two end of the floor can be appeared because of this by pressure interstitial, be in dry area to cannot use floor board of Long Fengtan real wood especially; Because,meet otherwise dry, floor occurrence systole. </p>

<p>(2 wings beans) the main source of real wood floor is in Long Fengtan Brazil and Colombia, Peruvian, but the color of lumber of floor of real wood of 2 wings beans that Brazil yields is simple and honest, [url=]24 X 24 Deck Kit[/url] become scarred, spot is less. The most important is oiliness, hydrous sex wants prep above other area, what lumber can affect if the oiliness of lumber, moisture content is inferior is stable, the phenomenon of occurrence systole, the floor of real wood of 2 wings beans with so authentic choice needs certain skill. </p>

<p>(2 wings beans) skill of Long Fengtan appraisal</p>

<p>The 1 grain that watchs a floor board</p>

<p>The grain of the floor can observe carefully when choosing floor board of Long Fengtan real wood, the biggest characteristic of Long Fengtan sees grain namely, bibcock phoenix end can see very easily. </p>

<p>The 2 weight that feel a floor</p>

<p>There also is the density that has said Long Fengtan before density wants floor of wood of relatively other fact tall, and density is high a weight of the floor is heavier, can try to take a floor to be weighed in the hand on the hand,[url=]timber for fencing dublin[/url] those who experience a floor is important eligible. </p>

<p>3; the consumer to not big to the floor understanding should as far as possible the floor board that chooses old brand, although did not understand the floor so, but the product that selects old brand, it is best choice to the interest safeguard of consumer so. </p>

<p>Of real wood floor it is very important to maintain, common saying says land of; floor shop is good, not as good as what raise. Because real wood floor is different from other floor, real wood floor is " vivid " , the element inside the floor was not thrown into confusion, so the shop installs real wood floor to just can have " healthy preserve one’s health " this one view. </p>


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