How does compound floor choose wood


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2018-04-08 03:57:57

<p>Stone model floor is the new-style the earth’s surface that a kind of high quality,[url=]american plastics recycled wood furniture[/url] high-tech studies to development comes out decorate material, use natural marble pink to make high density, tall fiber the substantial basic level of reticulate structure, exterior Fu in order to exceed the layer of wear-resisting of high polymer PVC of strong wear-resisting,[url=]Easy Maintenance External Boat Wood[/url] be machined via about a hundred working procedure and become. So how is stone model floor installed? </p>

<p>How is stone model floor installed</p>

<p>One, ground level ground detects</p>

<p>1, use temperature is hygroscopic detect temperature and humidity, indoor temperature and upper temperature with 15 ℃ advisable, do not answer to reach construction of 30 ℃ above below in 5 ℃ . [url=]composite decking not rot on ground[/url] Appropriate answer at the opposite air humidity of construction bound between 20%-75% . </p>

<p>2, instrument of use moisture content detects the moisture content of basic level, the moisture content of basic level should is less than 3% . </p>

<p>3, the intensity of basic level do not answer the requirement under concrete strength C-20, should use suitable do as one pleases to make the same score otherwise will enhance strength. </p>

<p>4, the exterior hardness that detecting with hardness instrument should be basic level as a result not under 1.2 million handkerchief. </p>

<p>5, to stone model the construction of flooring, of basic level not flatness should be inside limits of 2 meters of straightedge fall of on any account is less than 2 millimeter,[url=]Laser Cut Privacy Screens Fences[/url] should use suitable do as one pleases to make the same score otherwise have make level. </p>

<p>2, pretreatment of ground level ground</p>

<p>1, the machine of burnish of ground level ground that uses 1000 made of baked clay above matchs proper grind segment to undertake integral burnish to ground level ground, eliminate paint, the hangover such as glue, raised with loose plot, the plot of available beat also must purify. </p>

<p>2, with the industrial cleaner that is not less than 2000 tile right level ground undertakes aspiration cleanness. </p>

<p>3, the break that goes up to ground level ground, can use stainless steel reinforcement and get together ammoniac fat is waterproof model quartz of adhesive surface shop is arenaceous undertake repairing. </p>


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