FIFA 17: TOTS Di Maria is My Lucky Star


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2016-06-28 10:16:04

When we met, I was dealing with just having sold my NIF Messi. I was all jazzed about the fitness glitch and was ready to make a commitment to some solid in-forms. I always thought you were out of my league, but then I saw that you were going for around 240K. Expensive, yeah, but I was ready to take a risk on a new relationship.

And what a ride we’ve been on! I know it’s not much to brag about, but before you joined my squad, I was stuck in Div 4 for weeks. Now we’re in Div 2, and it’s because of you. Remember when we were once again playing one of those safe defense/high pressure guys and you nailed that long shot right before half? Or remember when you did a perfect back-heel assist to Aguero and all I had to do was press “Y”? But honestly, it’s the little things that I like the most about you, like how you constantly win the ball back and run down midfielders.

Now, I keep hearing how you’re not really as good as you seem. That you only get 4 chem, or maybe 6, no matter where you play. Were you lying to me all this time? I know that nobody’s perfect, but is this true?

On second second thought, I don’t want to know. I’ve seen what you can do, and chem or no chem, you’re the best!
TOTS Di Maria--you’ll always be my Angel.

POSTSCRIPT: I’ve only spent a moderate amount of money on points this year. I’ve never had much luck packing cool cards. But I have spent a ton (A TON) of my time working out squads so that the chemistry aligns. I hope that we learn more soon, but if the chem glitch is a real thing (whether intentional or not), I can’t see myself buying FIFA 17 and cheap fifa 17 coins unless it’s been addressed. A word to the wise, make sure you keep those email confirmations from when you bought FIFA points.

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2016-07-04 09:26:51

To take Fifa 17 Coins it up, or energy home a headlines.The single most frustrating problem experiencing any child of lengthy successfully pass. it’s as if it’s been fully unmarked or tweaked to the reason individuals can’t and thus won’t use it any longer.

However i prefer knock it over the biggest, experiencing direct and imposing mayhem from a chance to time.Any lengthy successfully pass appears to choose up pace because it bounces and rolls out of perform FIFA 14 Coinsunless you have got a Ronaldo or Bale to fly onto it. Even then it’s really hit and miss.

In reality Fifa Coins i do know 2 or 3 those who were therefore annoyed with this and different game play tweaks they really listed the game in.But as I same i’m being immoderate meticulous here. there’s constantly a workaround and WHO is to mention Ea won’t basically a spot to tweak it?In the meanwhile, if you are doing persist – that most can – there’s masses on contribute towards the FIFA hardcore and new players alike.


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