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Games over the next few years will become very heavily multithreaded (which it should’ve been in the first place) as the new consoles hit the market. They all have AMDs high core count, not so great single threaded performance going for it. I’m actually anxious to see what happens. We may end up in a scenario where a 8350 is equal or better then a 4770k in games
if they become better multithreaded (like BF3). That’s not only a reversal, but seems like a downgrade instead of a upgrade if you’ve been buying Intel for the best performance simply because of a software paradigm shift., and end up quitting the game or more often, resorting to scamming or cheating. it was really all about who had the best marketing because the games were all basically the same.
The other thing is that cloning sometimes works. There are many examples of an innovative game being developed by a small studio, but a bigger company rolled its own version and deployed its marketing might to get it into the hands of players first. In the social casino space, for example, players really don care or notice the difference between slots games and just pick the one that they see as the default. In the farming game explosion on Facebook
Once upon a time I visited Fairy land and spent a day in Goblin town. The people there are much like ourselves, only they are very, very small and roguish. They play pranks on one another and have great fun. They are good natured and jolly, and rarely get angry. But if one does get angry, he quickly recovers his good nature and joins again in the sport.
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