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2017-11-13 09:26:06

I grew up cheap fast wow gold in a different Australia, country Australia with the paddocks just over the back fence, in a time when guns were not the issue they are now.

There was an almost easy familiarity with shooting.

Our targets were tin cans and starlings, “rats of the air” our gardening parents would call the feral English avian immigrants which devoured rows of peas and beans as soon as they uncurled from the soil.

At about 12, a boy got a .22 rifle and the increased range and firepower drew what was then Australia’s worst feral problem, the rabbit, into my sights.

Back then I don’t remember anyone going mad and shooting up a school, but how things have changed.

Today Australia’s feral animals are out of control and the environmental devastation is horrendous. Feral pigs, alone outnumber humans on this continent.

At the same time, shooting has become contentious, wedged between the rock of political correctness and the hard place of animal ethics.

Yet more Australians are again showing an interest in hunting and shooters are claiming they have a role to play as eco warriors, reducing feral numbers.

We are so far from our pioneer origins in Australia today that I doubt shooting will ever again be respectable except when we win Olympic Gold.

But I must declare my own self interest in the argument. The venison cooked on the camp fire one cold night in the Victorian high country was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever eaten.

At last! Some sort of balanced reporting! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shooting is (hour for hour) 50% safer than swimming.

Ironically, John Howard’s gun laws were aimed at the gunes used in only less than 2% of homicides, and thanks to these laws, I had to buy a bigger vehicle. So much for greenies lowing Howard’s laws.

Worth noting, also, that the overall murder rate has not actually decreased. Just the means differ.

to those people that think that us licensed gun owners and hunters are going to go on killing spree’s have you had a look at any statistics??

the figure for gun related crime by a registered firearm or licenced persons is at around or below 1% funny that.

so that means around 99% of gun related crimes are conducted by unlicensed persons using un registered firearms

maybe you people that have mentioned how horrible killing of pest animals that cause signifigant greif to farmers should start looking into making a move to clean up the gangs and criminals not giving us hunters trouble in doing the farmers a favour the same farmers that provide our nation with quality vegies and steaks

and on a final note the people that need mental help are not us hunters but the criminals and killers using illegal weapons and the people supplying them

shooting is a legal and legitimate sport whether it be target shooting or the hunting of feral animals why should we be persecuted for the sport we enjoy when it harms no one else. To many people are jumping on the anti gun bandwagon, Charles Wooley done an excellent article and has done a great job for the shooting community. We need celebrities to show people that shooters are just normal people, we are not what the extremist groups such as PETA and the ant gun lobby want you to think.

Peopel such as Madona and Eva Longoria (from desperate housewives) enjoy hunting, hunting is not just for guys any one can enjoy it. So dont be deceived and let us enjoy our legal and legitmate sport

I joined the SSAA in 1967 and with a .22 rifle (in case) slung across my shoulder used to ride my pushbike from Greenwich to the SSAA range located at the National Fitness Camp at Narrabeen. Imagine trying that today. I have read over 120 of the postings here and have noticed that no one has mentioned anything about the bloodlust and cold, calculated killing introduced to our youth of today in video games like World of Warcraft etc. Surely responsible hunting of ferral pests is more educational, healthy and socially responsible than sitting at a console all day wiping out imaginary foe. Old Timer.

Who loves to kill another living thing ?

What valid justification do you have??

The issue with shooting and hunting is usually around 'us' the terrible hunters killing inocent animals. Many greeno vegetarians who despise animal cruelty will happily eat fish, but seem to to have a major issue with hunting or killing animals? Other people will happily eat meats, but will then hypocrytically comment on the killing of animals. Chicken tenderloins, sirloin steaks and shaved ham don’t grow on trees last time I checked. Something must die to provide this. Hunting is a serious hobby of mine, especially the removal of introduced species. Let’s remember a well placed shot will hit the animal in a fatal zone either killing the target instantly or within seconds. So my question is, what is more ethical shooting or fishing?

I cannot commend the 60 minutes team highly enough, for what was an un biased report on this much maligned subject. Painting a picture as you see it makes it art, and I think you portrayed it accurately. Thank you 60 minutes

Good on you Charles now you started telling the truth about hunting how about getting the government to come clean on port auther I am not a conspiracy nut but I’m not dumb ether please get someone to explane to me how he used an SLR with no mag no return spring a m15 with folding stock will not fit into a tennis bag the shooting for time and abbility is up there with a sas trooper if you think i’m off the mark read the only artical in the australian police journal dec 1998 the firearms of port arthur by sgt Dutton and ask the questions that need to be answered

While i agree that we need to limit the types of access to fire arms available. I think the current situation is too restrictive. I dont live on a farm but we live in the country and have a increasing rabbit problem. Now i have tried all non lethal preventions to keep them away from our property but nothing stops them. Every night they damage or destroy shubs, trees or gardens around our property either digging under to get to roots or ring barking or simply eating through them. Its all well and good to say dont hunt the rabbits but they are amazingly destructive to other living things. They are also at threat to the house and other buildings as they attempt to burrow under them. I am to the point where i think shooting is the only viable option to slow them. They have bounced back from diseases that have gone through. In these sorts of circumstances i have no issue with people owning a firearm for control. But its very hard under the current system to acquire one.

Regardless of the so called 'benefits' of hunting, I’d much rather be a person who is compassionate to other animals. I think we can all live together without this constant violence and I see no reason why humans should elevate themselves to a 'higher status' than non human animals. If I’m 'insane' for wanting to be compassionate, then so be it.

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