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2017-11-02 11:19:34

<p>Solid wood flooring cleaning and care of the use of wood flooring after a few years will inevitably appear to paint, deformation, uplift, etc., affect the room beautiful, and if the paint is not timely renovation, water, oil traps will not be restored <a href=“http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/4505.html”>composite external wood decks</a> after the original state. Expensive wood flooring replacement will not only cost a lot of money, but also time-consuming and laborious, according to the following method as long as the cost of reloading a small part of your floor can make a new look. And wood flooring can also be renovated several times, does not affect the appearance. For long-term trouble for the old floor consumers may wish to refer to.</p><p> Refurbished: the use of large-scale renovation of the floor several times to remove the paint layer, the <a href=“http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/4504.html”>Techwood Composite Decking</a> surface layer, the wood layer of about 0.5 mm, and then carefully sanded to make the floor surface delicate, smooth to a new state. The corner of the floor is polished using a small angle grinder to achieve the overall smoothing effect.</p><p> Will be the original side seam clear putty removed, re-sealing, and then the whole floor of the floor sealed primer, to be dry. To be dry after the paint, brush the first time finish, to be dry. With more than 300 mesh water gauze carefully grinding to the surface layer slightly rough, remove the dust, brush the second layer of paint. According to the above procedures <a href=“http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/4503.html”>free plans for 27ft above ground pool decks</a> brush three to four times the finish, the last time without grinding. </p><p>To be the last time after the dry finish on the floor wax can be. Wax, solid wood (plastic) floor surface coated with protective wax, cured after the isolation of air, water, dust, easy to clean, to prevent wear and tear, so as to extend the service life can play a non-slip, anti-static effect; Wax liquid <a href=“http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/4502.html”>How to Fasten a Canopy to a Wood Deck</a> distribution evenly, moderate thickness, beautiful and beautiful. Wood floor polish: in the solid wood flooring or composite floor surface evenly sprayed with a layer of polishing agent, and then repeated several times the effect of steel wool repeatedly polished, not only beautiful and beautiful and can handle minor scratches <a href=“http://affordablefloorswa.com/deck/4501.html”>Singapore Flats Balcony Design</a> and can play non-slip, Anti-static effect.</p>


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