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"We’ve probably put back to the ACT government in the time I’ve been here in current dollar terms, two billion dollars," he said. "So this is not a mickey mouse, little sleepy monopoly utility which is what a lot of people want to think it is. It’s a very, very large company by any stretch of the imagination.
Nonetheless, "I got the s kicked out of me for that," Brooks responded in person when I brought it up as an interesting art stunt. He explained he’d originally recorded demos for the film, but when Paramount realized it was his singing, they asked him to fill in the role. Brooks laughs, "I was stupid enough to say, 'Yeah! I’ll do that!'.
Meanwhile, Pear Tree is the elegant anomaly in Burnaby Heights. I hadn’t visited for years, and after a renovation 12 years ago, the room is much larger (they’d taken over a space next door) but still intimate. Carpeting mutes the sound of a full room on a Saturday evening, and one wall serves as a temperature controlled wine cellar..
Perhaps the loudest echoes of Oz being heard in popular culture these days would be on ABC’s "Lost." Well known as a show that draws ideas and references from the entire entertainment continuum, "Lost" has returned to the Land with noticeable frequency. One of the most infamous moments was when the castaways discovered a man in the jungle who told them that his name was "Henry Gale" (a nod to Dorothy’s uncle). Later, amid the ruins of a shredded balloon, the characters discovered evidence that he was lying; "Henry Gale" turned out to be Benjamin Linus, the man whom from that point has been the series' major villain..
FILE In this Friday, Nov. 13, 2017, photo, Chief Executive Officer for Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Richard Adkerson addresses the APEC CEO Summit in Singapore. Company agreed Tuesday to relinquish majority ownership of it to the government. Continues the UBC Thunderbird tradition of vying for the BLG award as she is the seventh finalist from this school over the past nine years. A native of Caledon, Ont., Brisebois was instrumental in the T Birds' national volleyball title this season at Toronto. She averaged tournament highs in kills and points per set, including an amazing 20 kills in the 3 1 gold medal win over top seeded Alberta.
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