The defect of wood floor introduces


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2017-10-19 09:48:55

<p>Everybody introduction gives the actor weakness of wood floor below,[url=]composite fence board manufacturer Puerto Rico[/url] everybody can consult! </p>

<p>The advantage of the actor defect of wood floor</p>

<p>1, breed of design and color is more: Colors style,[url=]cheap plastic composite planters[/url] OK emulate all sorts of natural or man-made decorative pattern. </p>

<p>2, nurse easily: In be used daily, need to use only pigheaded dry dishcloth,[url=]composite saudi arabia pergola[/url] pull cloth or cleaner to undertake cleanness, if the floor appears when fat, smear, touch cleaner to wipe with cloth can. </p>

<p>3, installation is handy: wood floor can be installed directly in the ground or another floor surface, need not hit earthworm. </p>

<p>4, wear-resisting: Compare with a photograph of real wood floor,[url=]bespoke composite lounge chairs[/url] the wood floor most wear-resisting layer of the surface passes special processing, can achieve very tall hardness, although if the key goes blowing, use an acerb good thing, also won’t earmark. </p>

<p>The defect of the actor defect of wood floor</p>

<p>1, be afraid that water is afraid of tide: Once drink water,wood floor is in after shop outfit is good, if be wiped not in time, very easy because of bibulous expand and bring about epispastic, be out of shape. Its fight current performance not strong also, the stability below the environment in moisture is poorer. </p>

<p>2, adornment effect is poor: wood floor surface layer is wear-resisting layer and adornment layer, it is to use copy to give birth to technical black-and-white paper, with natural fact wooden photograph is compared, integral laid effect is lack fidelity, visual effect is relatively curt. </p>

<p>The actor defect of wood floor introduced to everybody above, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody! (The picture in article originates network)</p>


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