wooden floor to be away moisture proof two tactics


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2017-10-11 07:55:10

<p>Since aggrandizement floor goes out 1self, namely with price material benefit, design and color is much, good do and start shooting whole floor world. The price is the Li Jian that attracts our common people admittedly,[url=http://wpcdeckingsuppliers.de/supplier/16686.html]fencing and decking[/url] but while we are recording high price case, other respect nots allow to ignore. The price is not aggrandizement floor is exclusive. So what element does floor of aggrandizement of choose and buy pay close attention to even besides the price? </p>
<p>1, environmental protection index</p>
<p>Environmental protection index is to show the formaldehyde of aggrandizement wood floor releasequantity. Formaldehyde is the indispensable thing that the bind in floor generation process uses, also be most the contaminant that wants only. If floor quality is bad, juncture is not quite close together, release formaldehyde to be melot of, affect human body health thereby.[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/11787.html]build a wooden bench seat for terrace[/url] Current, every 100 grams when the domestic level that aggrandizement floor formaldehyde releases release 20 milligram, every 100 grams when international standard releasmilligram. </p>
<p>2, floor sizes</p>
<p>The design and color of aggrandizement wood floor ought to the similar of grain sth resemblinnet with real wood,[url=http://woodcompositedeck.com/project-case/4994.html]hollow core composite floors for courtyard[/url] return uncut jade in order to accord with people to put in true psychological demand 's charge, and, grain sth resemblinnet should be clear about, natural, </p>
<p>3, the floor is concave and convex groove</p>
<p>Revolution of use wear-resisting of aggrandizement wood floor is in 6000 turn over namely enough, the aggrandizement wood floor of standard of the lowest on the market also had reached this level, accordingly, concave and convex chamfer decided the wearability of aggrandizement wood floor and service life in occlusive and close together degree,[url=http://woodcompositedeck.com/project-case/5241.html]backyard patio wood plastic wall board[/url] concave and convex chamfer is occlusive Song Kuangkuan is big, aperture can appear because of degum after the floor uses period of time, aperture drinks water, after humidity and dust, the floor can be out of shape case become warped, affect thereby make</p>


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