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2017-09-27 08:26:16

<p>Known as the floor of the “red sandalwood” species called the floor of the balsam papaya, has always been synonymous with expensive flooring, whether it is a floor expert or decoration experts, no one will be [url=]wood plastic composites panel philippines[/url] the stability of the fragrant beans, noble Grade made any question. High - grade flooring to red sandalwood - based variety of gold as Hengsheng floor, the fragrant wood beans on the floor of the sentiment is: “The wood species color, fragrance, taste as one, is the floor of the most expensive, one of the most classic boutique.</p><p>
One, “fragrant” feeling: whenever [url=]cheap outside walls panel in south africa[/url] the gold factory in the manufacture of red sandalwood floor, the entire workshop are shrouded in the unique fragrance of logs, the feelings of workers are particularly quiet, beautiful women have to bring back the wood Home, with a view to Hong source forever.
Second, the “color” of the natural: balsam beans natural color, is a just right natural red, if more than one point is too Mei, less a point is too vulgar. People to hi red, because “red” color symbolizes auspicious festive, rich and expensive.</p><p>
Third, the “taste” of [url=]plastic composite lumber Kuwait ns sale[/url] the elegant: with clever flow of wood grain balsamic bean, a large area of ​​installation is very changing effect, taste natural, in all solid wood flooring species, and zebra wood floor can be comparable.</p><p>
Good things are always very expensive, there is no considerable economic strength, the use of balsam wood beans floor is limited to luxury, McDonnell Douglas in order to reduce the production cost of balsam wood floor, the implementation of direct purchase of origin, mass production, than similar manufacturers The production cost is much lower, really have the ability of consumers, the quality [url=]Best Diy Decking Products Export[/url] and price of McDonnell Douglas, given full affirmation.</p>


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