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2017-09-05 04:35:36

<p>Buy wooden doors to recognize the solid wood doors are not all solid wood Many consumers in the purchase of wooden doors, are considered only “all solid wood” good. Once heard a negative answer, turned away. In fact, this is the lack of understanding of the reasons for the modern wooden doors. The solid wood doors on the market are not all solid wood. Now most of [url=]us wood floor[/url] the wooden doors on the market are pine or imported filler material for the door core skeleton, external density plate and solid wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressed made, called “solid wood composite door.</p><p>" The so-called “real solid wood door” in the eyes of consumers, due to price reasons, generally only used for less varieties and parts, such as wood, edge and other local. Therefore, the solid wood edge, paste veneer is the highest level of modern wooden approach, even if the import of high-grade European wooden doors is also true. In addition, both the traditional [url=]cheap material to cover old deck[/url] solid wood doors or modern solid wood composite doors, the use of wood because of its material, texture and other differences, there are obvious high, medium and low points, the market price is also very different. </p><p>Red pine, fir, oak, etc. are relatively low-grade wooden timber, high-grade walnut, cherry and so on. High-grade wood veneer value and quality far more than low-grade solid wood, especially a lot of low-grade solid wood, due to dehydration treatment, but the wood used wood usually requires drying, relative moisture content of 8% to 12%), Deformation, cracking, so now most of [url=]wood composite deck board[/url] the use of high-grade wooden veneer veneer, and often expensive, its product quality, product quality, the appearance of the effect is much higher than the low-end all solid wood doors.</p><p> Modern wooden door finishes many materials, the use of veneer and stickers are common, but the grade is completely different. Wooden doors are rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high; stickers wooden doors easy to break, fear of water, but the price is low, are popular products. Consumers buy, it is clear that solid wood, veneer or stickers is very critical. Solid wood, paste veneer can be called “wooden door”, and stickers can only be called “grain door”. Experts advise consumers in the purchase of wooden doors to see if the product has a national product certification, and must pay attention to check the product certification on the relevant departments to detect [url=]heart wood composite fencing[/url] the wooden doors category, so as not to be taken.</p>


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