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2017-04-20 05:16:09

need someone else to experience the heart. Ruijia is a humane way of showing a humane brand floor, different specifications, different materials, different colors of the product is also a different emotional transmission, and which a variety of emotional factors need different people through Different ways to experience.
A floor called “Mirage”, when you see it, it is like a calm windless sea or the desert, suddenly flash castle castle, illusory and mysterious. Yellow pear the floor of the material in the deep and shallow, between the yellow and gray, sketched out in the heart of the insolent. Oak is nowadays a popular material,
often able to pass out a kind of elegant luxury, when you close contact with it, the city’s hustle and bustle, impetuous as it is revealed by the idle light to replace, coupled with “mountain water” so poetic name , In front of the show is a mountain up Yang, continuous flow of pictures. Walnut often gives a delicate and smooth visual touch,
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