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2017-04-19 17:40:58

Hurricane of price of plank of SPF of market of lumber of ​ North America,Last week 5 (on December 2) sawn timber alliance refers pair of Canada sawn timber formally to American Department of Commerce turn over allowance to send a dumping to investigate a request, hurricane of this price of lumber of market of week North America, the SPF board that uses generous 2x4 and 2x6 in the building especially goes up apparent.

Inside course of study think generally, if end product is to pass a negotiation to reach quota agreement, canada will quota go up in plank of 2&BTR norms SPF and more allocation is not elementary ability go up, because desire of goods of agency store up of plank of SPF of this North America is strong, if consider,freight will adjust an element in December,

3 class 2x4 is equivalent to China advocate harbor price before last raised 14 dollars. This makes possibly will arrive this year in December next year January right China export contract decreases, make Chinese inventory is maintained in Spring Festival around low. The 6th board establishs committee of major of beaverboard of association of industry of Chinese forest products “[url=]deck and balcony railings for sale[/url],[url=]wood polymer composite decking brazil[/url],[url=]wood balcony railings for static caravan[/url],[url=]inexpensive eucalyptus outdoor floor[/url]”


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