Summer irrigation work into the climax


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2017-03-21 03:32:23

In order to better build the comfortable driving environment of the provincial highway trunk road in the jurisdiction area of ??the Jiayuguan Highway Administration, the Xiongguan Highway Management Section is based on the requirements of the higher authorities and the favorable opportunity for preventive maintenance work by using the weather warming. At the end of the month, it began to control the pavement cracks of the trunk roads in the provinces of the province, effectively controlling the occurrence of road pavement damage in the summer pavement, prolonging the service life of the road and ensuring the safety of the road.
According to the requirements of the Jiayuguan Highway Administration, the use of machine cutting, machine filling the way of operation, to ensure that the road is smooth, smooth, driving to reduce the bumps. In the construction process requirements of the construction unit: First, to ensure the safety of construction, to standardize the construction site management, in strict accordance with the requirements placed safety signs, and according to the progress of the project at any time to move signs, and strengthen pre-safety education, strengthen the responsibility system, To “everything is managed, everyone has the responsibility”, and arrange personnel to ease traffic. Second, we must seize the time to catch the schedule, to arrange a reasonable time, standard operating procedures to speed up the construction progress, to ensure the completion of the task as planned. Third, we must ensure that the quality of road construction construction, management personnel must adhere to the side station to ensure that each process in strict accordance with the “road maintenance technical specifications” provisions, do a good job in the process control, so clear sewn, filling the full, Quality of road maintenance work.
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