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2017-03-21 03:15:30

108 oast are garden area inside very grand " scene area " , technical personnel introduces, the dry technology of garden area is in world banner level, plant according to lumber material, ply and water classify are different, the time with dry wood is very different also. Broad leaf kind material is planted dry cycle is longer, need 40 days probably, needle leaf material can give pit 56 days probably.

Statistic shows, 2015, garden area realizes business income 3.12 billion yuan. Before this year 8 months had realized production value 4 billion yuan. At present garden area and very much domestic and international famous manufacturer established long-term connection. The floor board that produces here, veneer, point to receive product of part of material, high grade plank, furniture to sell as far as to the country such as Japan, Holand, England, Canada, Singapore.

Peaceful Wang Dianyu of vice director of district of collaboration of economy of border land of fragrance river city says: “If say first choice is,took this picket business because of middle forest group first machine, so country project of forest industry city arrives from first phase 3 period rapid development, because the government gave an enterprise the hope of development,be, and the enterprise looks for the business chance that followed the market again, the bilateral high speed that combines line of business of ability collision forest going abroad develops. “[url=]wall skirting sri lanka[/url],[url=]jolly plastic shop[/url],[url=]how to install interlocking polywood deck and patio tiles on grass[/url],[url=]valley view poly board[/url]”


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