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2017-03-20 07:47:44

<p>Net of Chinese wood floor the choice of good floor also is door knowledge, more need experience. [url=]White Landscape Composite Timber[/url] Without number of product of the floor on the market, when consumer is selecting a product also very headache, chief will offer the proposal of floor of wood of simple fact of actor of a few choices for consumer friend related bonus floor, hope to be able to be helped somewhat. </p>
<p>The first, want to notice the tree that sees floor plank is planted, beans of face cream wood, sweet 2 wings beans is better choice;</p>
<p>Secondly, want to look floor ply, appropriate floor ply is 18 millimeter, 16 millimeter are more very on market, want to notice to choose; [url=]composite decking cost for pool deck[/url]</p>
<p>Again, want to see a floor have the eye that do not have bug, good floor won’t have bug eye;</p>
<p>The 4th, board head also is crucial, board head has a lot of floor boards craze circumstance, [url=]composite park decking[/url] a few manufacturer meet what use the floor board of board head craze 502 and so on stick on. </p>
<p>Sell again, as far as possible old brand of choose and buy, after service has safeguard more relatively.</p> "


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