Blade & Soul: 4 Quests for Soulstone Plains


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2016-04-07 04:46:58

Since the game is down for maintenance I don’t have the exact quest names so they’ll have placeholders for now.
These daily quests are an excellent source of Soulstones and can be done within 40 min to 1 hour if you are in the stronger faction. If you are in the weaker faction, you will need to organise a group of people to force a capture in a channel to do the quests. By the way, if you need bns gold, click it.

Quest 1: “Regional Warfare” - Kill 8 Crimson/Cerulean Warriors, Vice-Captains, etc. (6 Soulstones)
This is a fairly simple quest. The best place to do this quest is either near the middle, where there are 4 of these mobs (being careful not to aggro the Terror) or near the weapons cache of the opposite faction (also being careful not to aggro the Terror and being aware of the patrolling Terror as well). One thing to note is that you usually have to pull the mobs a little away from the Terrors/Pigs that are near them, as they have a wide aggro range and if you do hit the mob where they’re standing, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Quest 2: “Battle for the Soulstones” - Kill 6 Pigs and 3 Terrors (15 Soulstones)
You need to have a Mining channel for your faction to do this quest. Deal enough damage to the Pigs/Terrors and get quest credit from the loot they drop.

Quest 3: “In Too Deep” - Kill King Grindtooth (15 Soulstones)
As simple as the quest above.

Quest 4: “Herbin' Warfare” - Pick Medicinal Herbs (5 Soulstones)
A lot of people don’t know about this quest, because it’s not offered in the conventional sense. You need to have 25 prestige then go back to the camp and talk to the Faction Merchant. They have a quest scroll right at the very bottom that is sold for 25 prestige. Use it and gather 4 Herbs from the outskirts of the field to get an easy 5 Soulstones and 220 Faction Contribution Points.

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