Challenge ProMode Arena 1.47 beta


Challenge ProMode Arena 1.47 beta

2009-03-17 13:51:35


Notes for version 1.47 (12 Mar 09)

add: negative cg_trueLightning is no beam

add: cq3 new hitsounds

add: voulcaine's maps layouts: pro-q3dm6cq3, q3tourney2cq3, pro-q3tourney4cq3,
     nodm9acq3, hub3aeroq3cq3, ztn3tourney1cq3, q3dm7cq3

add: LG impact texture (thanks voulcaine)

add: gp as an alias for gameplay for callvote command

add: wr as an alias for weaponrespawn for callvote command

add: timelimit to xml stats

chg: 'tell' without player number agrument sent message to all spectators

chg: remove tell_target and tell_attacker

chg: #N use client netname when nick is empty

chg: Coaches are able to use the SuperHUD (for MVD)

chg: Ignore spec votes in teamplay modes (Teams must have players).

chg: The chat macro #I ignore own flag

chg: Silent ref kicks of specs

chg: fastrail back

chg: increase max players in player_file/filter_file to 100

chg: use KISS32 random generator

chg: cg_altlightning is string('123' or '12' or '1'). First character is player lightning,
     Second character is enemy lightning. Third character is mates lightning.
     First character is default for enemy and mates lightning if not specified.

chg: cg_altlightning 3 with 1.44 render system

chg: cg_drawgun 0 is static(no bobbing)

chg: health and armour votes allow up to 400

chg: DA defaults to 250/250 spawns

chg: a few tweak cq3 ground friction and acceleration

chg: add micro-dj for cq3

chg: (1v1, 2v2) cq3 player respawn with ammo. 2 SSG, 2 RL, 20 LG, 3 GL, 3 RG

chg: cq3 use backpacks

chg: cq3 respawns are biased away from corpse (except nearest spawnpoint)

chg: cq3 gauntlet knockback is 0.5

chg: cq3 MG - ammo 60/10/80; reload time 90ms; increase spread

chg: cq3 SSG - new pattern; ammo 8/5/25

chg: cq3 PG ammo 40/20/80

chg: cq3 GL use PM2 settings, ammo 7/5/25

chg: cq3 RL speed 1000 ups, splash radius 100, knockback  112%, ammo 8/5/25

chg: cq3 LG scaling knockback from 125% to 75%. ammo 60/40/140

chg: cq3 RG damage (100,90,80); scaling knockback (100%-50%). ammo 7/5/25

chg: cq3 BFG ammo 10/10/25; damage 125; knockback 150%; BFG shots are "fat"

chg: cq3 increase knockback for rj/gj and plasmaclimbing

chg: cq3 different protection (0.5/0.66/0.75) and different decay (0.5/1/1.5) for GA/YA/RA

fix: wrong ammo and flag weight after cv gameplay or cv mode(mode file with gameplay)

fix: gameplay initialization refresh current game mode

fix: file handle leaks

fix: CA/FTAG startrespawn 1

fix: "humming" weapons could pan and crackle on stairs sometimes

fix: flagrun times weren't properly adjusted for pauses

fix: stupidly long text decorations could crash the hud parser


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