Challenge Quake 3 1.42 Final


Challenge Quake 3 1.42 Final

2008-04-22 20:54:52



  • bots are no longer kicked by devmap
  • legacy cack like joystick/midi support only pollutes configs if enabled
  • fixed a memory leak in the sound code
  • fixed even more (hopefully all) dropped sound issues in snd_dma
  • made com_soundmegs SLIGHTLY less broken: now only 2x instead of 3x :P
    note that \"soundmegs\" are taken FROM THE HUNK now to fix the leak
    so you need to increase com_hunkmegs by 2x your com_soundmegs
  • removed the explicit and incorrect \"fastsky==1 == disable portals\" test
  • r_noportals is not a cheat var
  • hyperspace is a bit less annoying
  • purged the unused (never finished) idMD4 model code
  • fixed some bugs in referencedpak list generation
  • fixed roqs ignoring s_volume
  • fixed widescreen modes crashing on listen servers
  • fixed downloads not completing properly

For developers, the @#$%ing mod headers and API have finally been put in the RIGHT place, and include various fixes from CPMA (mostly \"hiding\" broken TA shit), and q3asm\'s scoping bug has been fixed.


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