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The purposes of this policy include [url=]wow classic gold[/url] preventing harassment, bullying and discrimination; limiting public exposure to profanity and obscenities; ensuring a safe workplace for City employees, both physically and mentally; preventing the inappropriate use of City resources for unlawful, criminal or private commercial enterprises; and ensuring that the conversation on these channels, where people come specifically to discuss City issues, is topical to those issues.
The problem with this point is thatit assumes that there is enough non character progression content out there that people want to participate in. WoD was an excellent showcase for how much people want to do things that make them feel that sense of progression and are bored with everything else. Heroics didn give gear after the first week or two, previous raiding tiers were nullified the moment the next tier LFR came out, and Apexis Crystals didn give you anything meaningful until Tanaan Jungle came out in 6.2.
I’ve just completed a reread of the second edition of Diana Laurillard’s "" (Yes, I know, I should get out more !). I think her model of teaching and learning as an iterative conversation has a lot of merit. The notion that learners can simply absorb information from a lecturer, a book, video, or other "narrative" medium (to borrow Laurillard’s phrase) does seem to run a very high risk that the learner will misinterpret or misconceive whatever it is they are supposed to be learning. Obviously, if the learner has an opportunity to articulate their conceptions, then a teacher is in a position to identify those misconceptions and "correct" them, even if this takes several cycles.
The consequences of crop raiding, which span from increased food and economic insecurity to social marginalisation, create a negative spiral of vulnerability to poverty and to crop raiding. Ultimately, spatial and social isolation are the main factors driving vulnerability to crop raiding in Loango, and both need to be addressed.
I played Alliance back in the day so I never experienced the bridge issue. The only answer I can think of reasonably are either reduce the damage of the archers, or perhaps widening the bridge itself. " Yes, you are right in the larger sense of NoChanges, and that is a fair point point. I concerned that tweaking numbers in this way in order to make AV "more fair" to the Horde has two issues. 1) It is fair to say that the damage from NPCs were reduced during vanilla, and therefore are potentially "open" of discussion, even though these changes may not have occurred at the same time throughout the various patches. However, 2) What is "fair" may be a somewhat subjective argument, and that a potentially tough call for Blizzard. How much of a damage change from the Alliance archers on the bridge is "fair" to the Horde? Is the bridge bottleneck worth 50 damage per archer shot to even things out? 100? I have no idea. Also, there is also the general idea of a slippery slope here, because small tweaks here or there making things "fair" could be expanded to other areas as well. (Ex. Previous versions of talent trees may have made classes more or less adept at certain things, so lets make some small changes from things that were all within the 2004 2006 period in order to be "fair" to those classes, etc.). More to the point Did you play Horde, and did/do you think there an issue with balance here? These are, after all, the discussions NoChanges people want to have. : )
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