Do you know knowledge of cleanness of real wood floor how many?


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2017-02-17 09:42:14

Although real wood floor has wintry warm Xia Liang, comfortable, wait for numerous advantage environmental protection, naturally, but maintain because of cleanness however not easy this reason is abandoned by a lot of consumer. Actually the cleanness of real wood floor also has small key, as long as have the aid of 6 kinds of easy every day object with respect to can relaxed undertaking cleanness maintains the job.

1, salad oil, common salad oil can have pretty good clean effect, on a few salad oil are added in water, can make the floor becomes very shining.

2, milk and vinegar, yoghurt can be the good helper of besmirch of purify wood floor, have on at hand fast the yoghurt that overdue yoghurt perhaps did not drink, can use rise. Additional, in yoghurt Jiashangyi nods vinegar, not only can decontamination, and still can make a floor more shining.

3, tea, the besmirch on paint floor, can use thick boiled water easily obliterate, even if be stubborn besmirch, want to undertake iteration wiping only, OK also easily purify.

4, refined salt, refined salt is the optimal weapon that copes with egg fluid. If there is egg mark on the floor, can scatter on a few refined salt to be on egg fluid, quiet place is controlled 15 minutes, egg fluid goes very easily besides.

5, adhesive plaster, broke terrarium into pieces not carefully, cause vitreous fragment to asperse full whole floor, be not being swept clean can be very dangerous. Sweep with broom after rising, stick a small fragment that leave with adhesive plaster, avoid again lacerate floor.

6, match lotion oneself, if touch,go up stubborn besmirch, can match lotion to undertake cleanness oneself so. 450 grams soft soap, in blanching earth, soda to be put into caldron, join 2200 milliliter, its boil is boiled come to be controlled to 250 grams, refrigeration hind is put in jar to reserve. Encounter later hard the stubborn besmirch of purify, can touch with the brush undertook clearing.

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