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2017-02-17 05:35:23

According to " 2015-2016 year Chinese annatto industry grows a report " estimation, our country accumulative total imported annatto 2015 nine hundred and four [url=]panels gazebo replacement ideas[/url] thousand three hundred stere, decrease compared to the same period 56.01% , import total amounts to 1.071 billion dollar, add up to a RMB about 6.96 billion yuan, glide compared to the same period 59.43% .

The personage inside course of study is analysed, get data rare be short of, the market is small fan, the influence of a lot of element such as consumer consciousness change, 2016, annatto furniture industry will be faced with to shuffle greatly, the sale that cross a boundary is the r[url=]average cost 10x10 deck treated lumber[/url] oad of new broken bureau probably. "

On October 26, sponsor by institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division, material learning seminar is in the rice of 2016 woodiness accept [url=]second floor deck flooring options[/url] that lab of woodiness function material undertakes Beijing is held. The conference by the country " 1000 people plan " Professor Wang Saiqun directs the expert, lv builds hero to standing assistant director attends the meeting and publish serious talk, the 50 more than person that comes to university of [url=]composite decking cheap low cost[/url] aricultural of university of aricultural of university of forestry of ego place, Lin Hua place, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Fujian wait for an unit attended the meeting.


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