China's laminate flooring industry


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2017-02-17 05:29:30

the organization of the industry experts responsible for compiling, and fully solicited the elephant, Shengda, Hong resistance, Rhine Sunshine, Filinger, Ruijia , Nature and other flooring industry leader and raw material factory virtues and charter views. The purpose is to promote the strengthening of the flooring industry continued,
healthy and healthy development, so that China’s laminate flooring industry has not only become a vigorous development of the sunrise industry, and become consumers can rest assured that the consumption of transparent industry, sunshine industry, integrity industry. This “quality white paper” covers a total of ten aspects of the content,[url=]cheap prefab wood fence panels[/url]
including: strengthen the quality of wood flooring, quality control of production links, strengthen the quality of wood flooring products standards, laminate flooring pavement quality, laminate flooring purchase Common sense, strengthen the quality and complaints of wood flooring, quality of service, business and consumer linkage to promote the quality of progress,


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